Another World Is Possible: submit your idea for Social Innovation Camp

 "Another World Is Possible" - a slogan of defiance and hope, often on the face of overwhelming odds. But at this particular moment in time, history has delivered us the tools to start making it a reality , especially in the gaps left by the Leviathans (corporates, governments, NGOs). Hurrah for the Internets!

At Social Innovation Camp we are asking "What does that other world look like, and how can we use social tech to make it happen ?" At the first camp, people said it looked like a world

- where having a physical disability doesn't mean you have to fill your house with relics from a crimean war hospital, where you can enjoy usable and stylish products like the rest of us: it looks like Enabled By Design.

- where where visiting prison is not a demeaning, family-wrecking experience: it looks like Prison Visits.

The second Social Innovation Camp happens between 5th and 7th of December 2008, and it's your chance to say what an alternative world could look like, because it looks like something driven by your passions, your frustrations: like the social need you feel most strongly about, like the cool tech you know would have an impact if it was released in to the world.

Social Innovation Camp is a vessel for helping to make those ideas happen. We assemble the ingredients, mixing the tribes of geek and social change activist in a space that is itself outside of 'business as usual', a space where all the usual rules are off; you can imagine whatever you want about the possible impact of this digital stuff. The Social Innovation Camp call for ideas closes November 7th, so get your ideas in now.

Photo by Roland Hartig