digital rights

BISH! to copyright term extension and BASH! to e-voting

Today is ORG day, when we celebrate the digital rights startup that answered the question "Where's the British EFF?". The Open Rights Group was founded in December 2005 by a Pledgebank pledge from 1000 members to 'create a standing order of 5 pounds per month to support an organisation that will campaign for digital rights in the UKâ€'. Since then, the organisation has been punching above its weight; it's been BISH! to copyright term extension and BASH! to e-voting as ORG packs pounds of facts in to its interventions, and as a newly minted board member of ORG I'm looking forward to another action-packed year! In a time when threats to privacy and attempts at censorship are spreading, I believe it's vital to have a group like ORG with "a remit to cover any issue where digital technologies affect civil liberties, consumer rights or human rights". So show your support for ORG (and note that any donations or membership payments will be doubled by the generous match funding of the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust).

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