Netsquared write-ups

A colleague at work stumbled across a write-up of Netsquared on MSNBC: "Can Web 2.0 change the world? Nonprofits embracing technology that built MySpace and YouTube". It's a pretty good summary of conference issues, i think, and there's some relevant quotes from my stuff. I'm glad for Amnesty's sake that we're quoted as critical of the way "MSN, Yahoo and Google aren’t complying with human rights guidelines";. And it was important for me that there's some wide coverage of the message that “The way you build technology has human rights implications that must be considered right at the start.” The writer also picks up on some of the positive aspects for an organisation like Amnesty: “We have an aging, Western-based demographic,” says McQuillan of Amnesty International. “This is our opportunity to build a true global architecture of participation.” Our netsquared human rights workshop has also been blogged nicely here . All in all, it reminds me that I promised some folk to write an article about my own conclusions from netsquared. I'd better get on with it!
second-life-at-netsquared-by-eschipul: second-life-at-netsquared-by-eschipulsecond-life-at-netsquared-by-eschipul